Through field research and interviews of dairy factories and grocery retailers in the state of Wisconsin, I was able to put together this website which demonstrates the reach each type of business. While the studies don't form conclusive correlations when observed together, individually each one paints a picture of the way that the Wisconsin dairy industry is utilized in Wisconsin.

Literary Analysis

The literary analysis brings to light ideas, statistics, and other data from a variety of articles on the dairy industry in Wisconsin, ranging in publishing date from 1926 to 2009. The analysis offers a brief summary of the findings in each article and how things have changed or stayed the same today.

Factory Analysis

Included in the analysis of each selected factory is a brief history, full product list, and a map showing the reach of the factory based on the number of patrons contributing milk to the factory per county.

Retail Analysis

The retail analysis focuses on how much Wisconsin-made cheese makes its way into the stores that we all know and love right here in Eau Claire, WI.


After extensive research in both the field at grocery retailers in Eau Claire, WI and through multiple interviews with the owners of the dairy factories in my study, I was able to draw some conclusions about how each work together and separately to make the most out of Wisconsin’s dairy industry.